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Internet Security Software Suites -- These products include two or more security features such as a personal firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware and more. For links to vendors and reviews of over thirty products, see our Internet Security Suites page.

Recommended Internet security (IS) suites with links to vendors:

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Hardware Firewalls -- A hardware firewall is usually a small box that sits between a modem and a computer or network. The firewall is either based on "network address translation" (NAT) which hides your computer from the Internet or NAT plus "stateful packet inspection" (SPI) for more protection. There are three basic types of hardware devices that include firewalls for home users, Wired Routers , Wireless Routers , and Broadband Gateways . They are inexpensive enough to be used with one computer and can also be used to create a home computer network. They can be used in addition to a software firewall on each computer because they run on a separate box preventing most compatibility problems.

Recommended hardware firewall products with links to vendors:

  • D-Link 655 Xtreme N Wireless Router with QoS and Gigabit Ports -- "Support for WEP, WPA™, and WPA2™ security standards ensure that you will be able to use the best possible encryption regardless of your other wireless devices. To prevent possible attacks from the Internet, the DIR-655 uses dual active firewalls (SPI & NAT) to help protect your valuable data." Editor's Choice -- PC Magazine, Computer Shopper, LAPTOP Magazine, Maximum PC, Practically Networked...
  • ZoneAlarm Secure Wireless Router with a SPI firewall and WPA2 security also includes gateway antivirus, remote access VPN, intrusion detection and prevention, secure wireless communications, fast wireless performance, extended range, built-in USB 2.0 wireless print server, setup wizard, web-based management, monthly security report, flexible optional services, automatic updates, online technical support.

Important Tips -- Never use two personal firewall software products at the same time. Fully uninstall one before installing another to prevent compatibility problems. Also, turn off the firewall built into Windows 7, Vista and XP Service Pack 2/3. After installation, be sure to test it with an online service like Security Space to make sure that it is configured correctly.

Staying Up-To-Date -- For current security news, alerts and reviews, see our Internet Security News page and sign up for our free newsletter.