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About the Home PC Firewall Guide

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Our mission is to provide easy access to basic information about and independent, third-party reviews of Internet security and privacy products for home, telecommuter, and SOHO (small office, home office) end-users.

We keep this website free to end users by running Google and vendor ads and by accepting commissions on sales by vendors and Amazon. We only affiliate with vendors whose products have received positive independent third-party reviews.


Our site links to hundreds of other web sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these other sites. Our site is intended to provide relatively non-technical information to computer users about Internet security. Product selection and use are up to you. If you have problems with an Internet security product, you should contact the vendor or check an Internet security home PC user forum.

Our overhead is paid for by ad revenue and commissions on product sales. When you use a link on our site to make a product purchase or to see an ad via Google Adsense, you are also supporting our free Internet security guide. Each product link goes directly to a vendor's website, a vendor's transaction page, or to a retail site like Amazon. They are responsible for the privacy and security of each transaction; see our Privacy Policies for more information. Google Note: We cannot police Google Ads so we recommend that you check product reviews on our site before purchasing anything via an Adsense ad. Celebrates Success at Its 10 Year Anniversary 2010

Frustrated by ISPs in denial about Internet security, Henry Markus, a novice webmaster, has had millions of computer users stop by his website since 2000 to find free and low-cost protection.

He began with a page on personal firewall software. Over the years he has added information about all types of anti-malware (virus, Trojan, worm, spyware, phishing, spam, zero-day), free and low-cost Internet security software and services, wireless routers with firewall features, and a variety of related security topics of interest to home computer users like backup and storage.

Between February 2000 and February 2010 his Home PC Firewall Guide had about 28 million page views seen by about 13.7 million unique visitors. Those are pretty amazing numbers for what started out as a hobby.

The site's description is "Learn how to protect home computers & networks from Internet outlaws by using personal firewall & anti-malware software plus low-cost hardware firewalls."

The most popular pages on the site 2006-2010 have been wireless routers (including security issues) at 26%, personal firewall reviews at 15%, and Internet security freeware at 14%.

252 newsletters have been sent out since January 1, 2002. That's about 2.6 newsletters per month for eight years.

Google says that 3,180 websites link to the site and that 41,300 web pages contain the term "". Yahoo finds 2,494 sites linking in. MSN says that 6,750 web pages link to the site. The owner thinks that thanks are due to all of the webmasters of these sites for the success of his site.

Google Analytics says that 87% of the web traffic comes from search engines, 7% from referring sites, and 6% is direct traffic. The site has not been advertised. The owner did work his way through some years ago.

Alexa says there are 548 sites linking in, that the traffic rank in the USA is 66,581, and that 40% of the traffic is from the USA.

The original site was hosted as a personal website by his ISP. He registered the name on July 10, 2000, and signed on with a hosting company mainly because his ISP account could not handle the visitor traffic.

His first press release is still online -- "Frustrated Broadband User Gets Satisfaction", PR Web August 14, 2000. His most popular press release at 40,000 reads was "Internet Security Trick or Treat, Making a 'WISE' Choice", PR Web, October 30, 2003.

The site's byline has been "The Internet is a hostile network like the wild west without a sheriff!"

The Home PC Firewall Guide is listed in the Yahoo and DMOZ directories.

At Yahoo in "Computers and Internet > Security and Encryption > Firewalls". At the Open Directory Project (DMOZ) in "Computers: Security: Firewalls: FAQs, Help, and Tutorials". Google uses the DMOZ.

The site was redecorated in honor of its 10th anniversary.


Site Rankings -- Alexa rank is the entire WWW. Alexa USA only traffic rank is 52,578. Compete USA rank is 34,251.

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