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Broadband Gateways

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Many businesses use "unified threat management" (UTM) broadband gateway hardware and software devices to protect their computer networks. Everything coming into the network from the Internet goes through the gateway first. UTM products for home networks are available too.

Ideally, a complete UTM home product would include a cable or DSL modem, wireless access point, four port wired router, print service, network storage (for file sharing and/or back up), stateful packet inspection (SPI) hardware firewall plus security software including software firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware...

Product Reviews

 iPhantom Technologies

ZoneAlarm Secure Wireless Router Checkpoint, $150, includes firewall protection, gateway antivirus, remote access VPN, intrusion detection and prevention, secure wireless communications, fast wireless performance, extended range, built-in USB 2.0 wireless print server, setup wizard, web-based management, monthly security report, flexible optional services, automatic updates, online technical support.

Do It Yourself UTM Broadband Gateways

  • Use Packet Protector freeware to upgrade a Linksys WRTSL54GS or ASUS WL-500g (Deluxe or Premium) router to become an Internet Gateway UTM.
  • Astaro Security Gateway – Free for home use, run it on an old pc [dedicated for the gateway], features include Increase your Internet Bandwidth, Protect your Kids Web Surfing Habits, Solve your Spam Mail Problems, Access your Home Network from Anywhere, Connect to Work or Friends, Stop Viruses in Web and Email.
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