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Wired Routers

For connecting up to four computers to the Internet, you should use an inexpensive hardware router with firewall features along with your personal firewall software for two levels of protection. Wired routers are easier to secure than wireless ones.

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Choices -- Also consider wireless routers, broadband gateways and networking software. Wireless routers are actually wired routers with wireless access points built in so you can have both features at the same time.

Security -- Be sure to reset the password and configure the security features of your router.

Testing -- We recommend that you test the firewall features of a router after installation with an online service like Security Space.


Firmware -- Router vendors offer updates for their firmware to add new features and to resolve problems found by their customers.

Prices -- See our custom Firewall Wired Routers Price List or hover over the carousel ad below [both are powered by]. We also have a list of vendor discount sale offers.



Wired Router Vendor Links & Review Links

Reviews --There are lots of reviews of wired routers but they are mostly out of date for models that are mostly not available. Most consumers and reviewers are more interested in wireless routers that include wired router features.

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