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Internet Security Overview

Our beginners' guides to Internet security are given on Secure Windows and Safe Holiday 2010 pages. On this
page, we have Background Information, Checklists, How-To, and Articles
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The purpose of the information and links on this page is to help get you started to understand what the "outlaws" are doing on the Internet and what you can do to protect your computer.

For this week's top Internet security and privacy topics, see our Newsletter page. If you would like a book intended for home users, see our list of Internet Security Books powered by

Go to our Secure Windows page for our step by step guide to securing Windows computers.

Background from
US-CERT Tips (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, National Cyber Alert System, Carnegie Mellon University)
Checklists and Overviews Detailed How To's


  • "Life in cyberspace can be nasty, brutish, and short. So says a new report on international cybersecurity, which argues that the Internet is a Hobbesian "state of nature" where anything goes, where even government attacks maintain 'plausible deniability,'..." from No rules: Internet security a Hobbesian "state of nature" Nate Anderson, ars techica, February 1, 2010.