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Mobile Security Guide - Smartphones, Netbooks, Laptops & PDAs

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There is also a Mobi version of this page for phones.

Everyone should have security apps for their smartphone, netbook, laptop, or  personal digital assistant (PDA). On this page, we have links to online mobile security, iPhone and Android articles, plus mobile security apps including multi-function suites, anti-virus, password managers & form fillers, encryption & secure wipe, plus wireless hotspot security services, books & reports.

Mobile Security Background Reading

 iPhone/iPod Touch Security Articles

Android Security Articles

Multi-Function Apps

  • Airscanner Mobile Products -- Anti-Virus, Firewall, Encrypter, Power Tools, Sniffer. Bundles available.
  • ESET Mobile Security [scroll down] -- An integrated smartphone security solution  that provides proactive anti-malware protection, anti-spam, firewall and anti-theft features without impacting performance.
  • F-Secure Mobile Security -- Real-time protection against viruses, spyware, worms and Trojans, firewall, browsing protection, anti-theft, auto-updates.
  • Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 -- Anti-theft, anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, privacy protection, parental controls, data encryption.
  • Lookout -- Free -- Antivirus, firewall, data backup, missing device and management for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.
  • Norton Smartphone Security -- Anti-spy, anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-theft [free trial].
  • SMobile Security Shield -- AntiVirus, AntiSpam, Firewall, Backup / Restore, Device Lock, Device Wipe, GPS Locate.
  • Trend Micro Mobile Security -- Anti-virus, Anti-phishing, Parental Controls, Remote data wipe, SMS anti-spam, SIM card password protection.

Antivirus Apps

Password/Form-Filler Apps

  • Articles
  • Apps
    • Roboform Pro runs on a variety of  phones, browsers, operating systems, and computers; the free version is limited to personal use and ten passwords.
    • Lastpass is freeware, it also works on a variety of  phones, browsers, operating systems, and computers.

Encryption Apps

  • Aiko Secubox & Secuwipe -- Secure Windows phone with data encryption and secure wiping.
  • Ilium Software -- eWallet 
  • TealPoint -- TealLock, TealSafe, TealBackup

Wireless Hot Spot Security Services

Mobile Browsers

Secure Email

Each of these email services include encryption, antivirus, anti-spam and mobile access; two have free versions:

Mobile Security Books, Reports & Guides

 Anti-Theft Services for Laptops