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Anti-Spam Guide

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Consider using an Internet service provider (ISP) or an email service that includes virus and spam filtering as your first line of defense. An increasing number of ISPs and email services are offering these services to their customers. If you need or want to keep your current ISP who does not offer virus and spam filtering, see our Secure Email Hosting Services page for some that do. In addition to or instead of an online service, you can install software on your computer to catch spam. Do your part when running an email campaign and use software that is CAN-SPAM compliant. For an overview of the spam problem, see Stopping Spam, Joshua Goodman, David Heckerman and Robert Rounthwaite, Scientific American, March 28, 2005; and 5 Ways To Lock Up Your E-Mail, Gregg Keizer, Information Week, August 11, 2006.

Comparative Reviews

  • Spam Filter Reviews, Consumer Search, April 2010, the best web-based spam-filtering service is ClearMyMail, best anti-spam software is Cloudmark Desktop, and the best free spam blocker is SpamFighter.
  • Spam Filter 2011, TopTenReviews -- SPAMfighter Pro, Cloudmark DesktopOne Pro, MailWasher Pro 2010, ChoiceMail One, iHateSpam, CleanMail Home, Spam Bully, SpamEater Pro, Spam Buster.

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